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Tension, Excessive Worry, Chronic Acidity.

Psychosomatic disorders, Insomnia, Fatigue.

Depression, Fear, Phobia, OCD,Headache, Migraine.

Sexual Problems - PE/E.D., Marital Problems.

Suspiciousness, Possession Spells, Abnormal Behaviour.

Ideas of Black Magic, Irrelevant talk, Mania

Bed wetting, Hyperactivity, Scholastic Problems, Behavioural Problems in Children.

Psychological problems in elderly, forgetfulness alongwith behavioral problems.

Psychological Problems in Females. & Epilepsy with behavioural problems.

Special Treatments

Brief Pulse Therapy

Psychiatrist in Pune

Sex Therapy


Brain Polarizer

Aversion Therapy

Home Visit for - Uncontrolled And Old Patients