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Psychiatrist in Pune


Consultant Psychiatrist, Sexologist, Deaddiction Specialist And Counsellor
Psychiatrist in Pune


Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Bhalchandra Kalmegh is the most experienced Psychiatrist in Pune.  Completed his DPM from Masina Hospital Mumbai in 2007 and MD (USAIM). He undergone hypnotherapy and personality development training under Prof. Shyam Maanav. Before starting private practice. He has presented scientific paper in National Conference and has research, awareness, teaching and training publication in national, international journals. His areas of interest are substance related problems, sexual problems, geriatric psychiatry along with general psychiatric problems. He is visiting psychiatrist for many Oldage homes. At present he is Secretary of IPS Pune branch and Maharashtra State branch. He is Life Fellow of IPS (Indian Psychiatrics Society) , IAPP (Indian Association of Private Psychiatry), IAS Indian . He is actively participating in NGO activities like SAA (Schizophrenia Awareness Association) and SMARTT (Society For Mental Health Awareness Research And Teaching And Training). Regularly conducting stress management programmes in corporate sector. MANN CLINIC has an extension for In-house treatment at Nirman psychiatric, nursing, rehabilitation and , center with 100 beds capacity. Member of Rotary Club and Red Cross Society. Dr. Bhalchandra Kalmegh is the best psychiatrist in Pune at Mann Clinic. Dr. Kalmegh has wide years of experience in treating and helping patients with mental health issues.