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Geriatric Mental Health

Geriatric Mental Health

A wide range of symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking might reduce a person’s ability to perform everyday activities. With the help of cognitive enhancers and other psychotropic medicines, we help our clients overcome geriatric depression with cognitive issues.

Most elderly issues can be managed with assisted care. Accordingly, it was found that, at present, 17.13 million older adults (total population, 83.58 millions) are suffering from mental health problems in India.

How do you know if your loved one is experiencing symptoms of mental illness or just the normal changes of older age? Get the facts on mental illness in the elderly at Mann Clinic.

Mental disorders are common in old age but frequently remain undetected and untreated. Mental disorders induce functional disability, disturb rehabilitation, burden the health system and impair the quality of life of old patients and their relatives. Chronic organic mental disorders, nowadays called dementias, are the main reason for the necessity of geriatric care units.

Dementia is defined as a syndrome of acquired impairment of memory and other cognitive functions secondary to structural brain damage.