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Mrs. Shilpa Oak

Mrs. Shilpa Oak M.A. Clinical Psychology

Completed post-graduation in Clinical Psychology from well known Kolhapur University in 2003.

She has over 20 years of experience as a psychologist and has collaborated with renowned psychiatrists, hospitals and research institutes in Pune. She is skilled in CBT, REBT, EFT and ERP therapyand has expertise in management of relationship issues, anxiety, PD, and depression.

She has also completed International Diploma inCounselling and Therapy.

Her key strengths lie in her technical expertise in pre-psychiatric assessments, psychological treatments, marriage counseling, and infertility counselling & nutrition. Her proficiency in psycho-diagnostics enables her to accurately assess and evaluate psychological conditions, providing valuable insights into her client’s lives.

She was the Study-coordinator and Rater in several clinical trials for psychiatric medicines in collaboration with industry leaders. In addition to her clinical and research work, Mrs. Shilpa is also involved in teaching and training for psychology professionals.

Her warm and empathetic approach allows her to establish instant connections with her clients.